Roads Authorities and Utilities Committee (Scotland)

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Below are the main contacts for the RAUC(S) Management Team. A list of supporting members may be viewed under the 'Community Contacts tab'.

Co-chair (Roads Authorities)

Name: Martin Polland


Co-chair (Statutory Undertakers)

Name: Alex Rae



Name: George Borthwick     

Telephone: 01343 820667


Minutes, Meetings and Agendas

All documents are saved in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point or Adobe PDF Format. To download the document you require just click on the file name.

Date Title Information Document(s)
RAUC Minutes - 6th December 2017

RAUC Minutes of the meeting held on 6th December 2017

Minutes - 6th December 201780.14 KB
RAUC Minutes - 6th September 2017

RAUC Minutes of the meeting held on 6th September 2017

Minutes - 6th September 2017 80.36 KB
RAUC Minutes - 7th June 2017

RAUC Minutes of the meeting held on 7th June 2017

Minutes - 7th June 2017 75.03 KB


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