Legislation & Guidance

The Commissioner has a number of DVDs available for loan to roads authorities and undertakers for staff training.

There are currently four titles available to borrow from the Commissioner's library:

  • Changing Behaviour – What does it take?
  • Know your Ground – working safely near underground apparatus.
  • Safety for All – an overview of how signage and guarding can affect those with disabilities or those using alternative travel arrangements (also available online - https://vimeo.com/376841696)
  • UKPOA – People & Pipelines Working Together (also available online - working safely near high pressure pipelines Video | UKOPA

If you are interested in any of the above or have suggestions to add to the library, please contact us at enquiries@roadworks.scot.

Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in Roads

Details of which notifications must be recorded on the Scottish Road Works Register (SRWR) are described in detail in the relevant codes of practice and advice notes, however, the notifications/transactions each organisation must review have not been explicitly described. This document explains the requirement for each organisation to comply with their statutory duties/best practice when reviewing and monitoring notifications & transactions from other organisations.

A Commissioner Direction on entering personal information into the SRWR has been issued.  This direction has been issued following discussions at RAUC(S) and Area RAUC; it defines the appropriate place for contact details to be recorded in the SRWR.


Commissioner Direction 2


Notices for Prescribed Fees

Advice Note No. 2018/01 - Specification and Operational Requirements for Footway Boards, Driveway Boards, Footway Ramps and Road Plates

Guidance on Core & Vac Excavation and Reinstatement