Scottish Road Works Register (SRWR)

Why do we need a Scottish Road Works Register?

The three main reasons for having a Register are to provide:

  • a central tool for road works authorities and utility companies to use to assist them in the planning and coordination of works on Scottish roads.
  • a source of data for indicators to determine performance in relation to some aspects of the undertaking of works on Scottish roads.
  • an accurate source of information for the public and interested organisations regarding future, ongoing and past works on Scottish roads.

The SRWR is a national computerised database system for the electronic transfer, retention and management of road works data utilising internet access and is one of the few completely national systems anywhere in the world.

Public access to the SRWR

Public access to the SRWR can be found at:  The website provides an interactive display of all current and planned works on the roads throughout the whole of Scotland.

SRWR Service Provider Contract

Symology Ltd won the new contract for the provision of the SRWR from April 2018.  This is a four year contract with an option to extend for a further three years. An implementation group consisting of members of the road works community was set up to ensure that the procurement process was managed effectively.