RAUCS(S) Gazetteer Group

The Gazetteer Group is a standing working group reporting to RAUC(S).Its purpose is to advise on the procedures and specification to be used by Roads Authorities (RAs) in creating their Local Street Gazetteers (LSGs) and Associated Street Data (ASD) and in forwarding such to the Scottish Road Works Register, there to be combined into the National Street Gazetteer.

The LSG is a listing of all streets and their geometry in an RA's area all to national standards. ASD is a listing of many technical aspects of streets which will affect all who work therein.

The above procedures etc may be viewed in 'Scottish Gazetteer Conventions'.


Below are the main contacts for the RAUC(S) Gazetteer Group. A contact list of supporting members is also available for download.

Name:  Roger Garbett
Email: Roger.Garbett@improvementservice.org.uk

Name: TBA