Statement regarding on-going road works on A9 at Dunkeld

Kevin Hamilton, Scottish Road Works Commissioner, has issued the following statement:

"I am aware of the unfortunate delays caused by the ongoing SGN road works on the A9 at Dunkeld.  SGN have statutory powers to undertake such works but have a duty to co-operate with Transport Scotland (on behalf of Scottish Ministers) as the road works authority for the A9. For its part, Transport Scotland has a duty to co-ordinate works in the interests of safety and minimising disruption.

Road works inevitably lead to delays and inconvenience but it is important that those involved do whatever they reasonably can to minimise the impacts.  Whilst I currently have no evidence that there has been any breach of statutory duties in this case, I intend to undertake a more detailed review of the actions of both parties to identify lessons for future works on roads such as the A9.  In the meantime, it is incumbent upon both parties to find ways to undertake the works with the minimum of disruption."