Raising Standards and Improving the Quality of Road Works in Scotland: Analysis of Responses From the Consultation

On 16 March 2018 Transport Scotland released their analysis of the responses to the consultation on raising standards and improving the quality of road works in Scotland. The consultation was split into six general areas, with overall support for each of the proposals within. These areas are;

  • Improving Quality
  • Improving the availability of road works information
  • Improving consistency
  • Enforcement
  • The Scottish Road Works Commissioner - new functions
  • Miscellaneous provisions

Proposals to enhance the role of the SRWC in both the areas of enforcement and expanded functions were strongly supported. From the consultation document it is noted that;

"Almost all who responded agreed that the creation of new inspection functions and clarifying the juristic status of the Commissioner would build on progress already achieved in Scotland to date."

The consultation can be found at the following link:


Note to Editors

Angus Carmichael took up the post of Scottish Road Works Commissioner in September 2015 and has over 40 years experience in this sector.

The post of Commissioner was established under the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 to improve the planning, co-ordination and quality of road works throughout Scotland. The Commissioner monitors performance and promotes good practice across both utility companies and roads authorities (Councils for local roads and Transport Scotland for the trunk road network).


Office of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner

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