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Commissioner Advice Papers

Commissioner Advice Papers are documents prepared by the Scottish Road Works Commissioner which contain advice and guidance for Scottish roads authorities and utility companies.  These Advice Papers may be published as interim advice, prior to being adopted as RAUC(S) Advice Notes, or may relate to issues where it is more appropriate that the advice is issued directly by the Commissioner. 

 No. Date  Title Link 

Aug 2009 Procedure for Embargos on Road Works This has now been rescinded by RAUC(S) Advice Note 20

Feb 2010 Advice for Road Authorities regarding works on roads which are non traffic-sensitive  Link


 May 2014 Commissioner Penalty Guidelines  Link


 May 2010 Notices for Prescribed Fees  Link


October 2010

The Completion of Works Within Reasonable Periods and the Use of Notices Under Section 125(3) of the

New Roads and Street Works Act 1991



July 2012

 Use of Potential Works on the Scottish Road Works Register  Link


 July 2012  Reports for Local RAUC Co-ordination Meetings  Link


 Nov 2012  Interrupted Works  Link

 Commissioner Direction 

No.   Date Title   Link
 1  Jan 2012 Coring Pass Rate Direction 2012  Link

 Commissioner Good Practice Guidance

No.   Date Title   Link
 1  Jan 2012  Commissioner Good Practice Guidance  Link