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Advice Notes


RAUC(S) Advice Notes refers to documents that contain formal guidance on specific issues that have been agreed by RAUC(S) and are intended to be utilised by RAUC(S) members.

 No. Date Title  Link
 1 March 2014 The Exchange of Plant Information  RAUC(S) Advice Note 1
 2 July 2005 Guidance on the Reinstatement of Friction Coatings and Coloured Surfaces RAUC(S) Advice Note 2
 3 December 2015 National Coring Programme

RAUC(S) Advice Note 3

RAUC(S) Advice Note 3 (Appendices A-C)


October 2012

Revised Inspections, Defects & Other Charges

RAUC(S) Advice Note 4

November 2014

Scottish Road Works Register Associated Data - Guidance Notes

RAUC(S) Advice Note 5 For use with SDTF files

Gazetteer Codes (as used in Advice Note 5)

 6 November 2007 National Street Gazetteer (Scotland) - Supplementary Guidance Superseded.  Further information at Gazetteer Guidance
 7 March 2009 Website Procedures Rescinded - see the Home Page under the 'RAUC(S) & Community' tab for information
 8 December 2006 Portable Light Signals RAUC(S) Advice Note 8
 9 December 2005 Guidelines for Works at or near Network Rail Level Crossings Rescinded - see Appendix D of the Code of Practice for the Co-ordination of  Road Works & Works for Road Purposes & Related Matters.
 10 July 2005 Guidelines for Positioning Utilities Apparatus in Home Zones RAUC(S) Advice Note 10
 11 February 2009 Defective Apparatus in Adopted Roads

Rescinded - incorporated into the Inspections Code of Practice 2010

Apparatus Minimum Specification Diagram -  Appendix 1 Extract from RAUC(S) AN 11

 12 July 2007 Guidance on Recording of Underground Apparatus in Roads Superseded by the Code of Practice on the Recording of Underground Apparatus in Roads.
 13 August 2007 Mobile Working RAUC(S) Advice Note 13
 14 May 2008 Good Practice Guide to Setting Up Areas of Interest RAUC(S) Advice Note 14
 15 December 2010 Recording Inspection Results and Responding to Inspections on the Scottish Road Works Register

RAUC(S) Advice Note 15

Flowchart on Defect Accept Decline Process

 16 April 2011 Fixed Penalty Notice Payment Process RAUC(S) Advice Note 16
 17 May 2010 Early and Late Start Consent Protocol

Rescinded - incorporated into Appendix E of the Code of Practice for the Co-ordination of Works in Roads 2013.

 18 March 2009 Fixed Penalty Notice Hearing Process RAUC(S) Advice Note 18
 19 January 2010 Scottish Road Works Register 3rd Parties & Special Cases Currently under review
 20 October 2009 Procedure for Embargoes on Road Works RAUC(S) Advice Note 20  (was previously Commissioner Advice Paper 1)
 21 December 2012 Apparatus In Roads At Shallow Depths RAUC(S) Advice Note 21
 22 December 2013 The Use of S109 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, Replacing S61 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984

RAUC(S) Advice Note 22 - The use of S109   

Also (Files contained in Annex)

 23 June 2014 Use of Potential Works RAUC(S) Advice Note 23 - Use of Potential Works
 24 September 2015 Material and Trial Registers RAUC(S) Advice Note 24 - Material and Trial Registers
 25 December 2015 Unidentified Buried Objects RAUC(S) Advice Note 25 - UBOs
 26 December 2015 Traffic Management in Roads in Advance of Activity Commencing RAUC(S) Advice Note 26 - Traffic Management in Roads in Advance of Activity Commencing
 27 December 2015 Interrupted Works RAUC(S) Advice Note 27 - Interrupted Works
 28 June 2016 Above Ground Apparatus RAUC(S) Advice Note 28 - Above Ground Apparatus
 29 October 2017

Guidance on Core & Vac Excavation and Reinstatement

RAUC(S) Advice Note 29 - Core and Vac


The following HAUC(UK) Advice Notes contain formal guidance which has been endorsed by RAUC(S) and should be applied in Scotland

No. Date Title Link
2009/01 January 2009 The Use of Alternative Reinstatement Materials HAUC Advice Note 2009-01
2010/01 December 2010 Diversionary Works HAUC Advice Note 2010/01
2013/04 December 2012 Town Centre Redevelopments and Underground Services and Apparatus HAUC Advice Note 2013/04