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Community Diary

The Community Diary contains the meeting dates for RAUC(S) and for Area and Local RAUCs as well as those for Working Groups including SAT and the SRWR Management Group. SJUG meeting dates are included as are those of NRSWA Community events.

Secretaries of such meetings and organisers of events should submit relevant dates as soon as possible to the Diary Administrator for inclusion in the Community Diary. This serves both to inform the community of such dates and to assist in avoiding duplication. Those submitting dates should remember to arrange for those previously submitted to be amended or cancelled when necessary.

RAUC(S) Diary 2018

Community Diary Version No. 9 Posted 18th April 2018

RAUC(S) Diary 2017

Community Diary Version No. 1-8-2 Posted 1st August 2017

RAUC(S) Diary 2016

Community Diary Version No. 7 - Posted 14th October, 2016

RAUC(S) Diary 2015

RAUC(S) Diary Version No. 4.1 - Posted 8th April, 2015
RAUC(S) Diary Version No. 4.1 (08/04/2015)

RAUC(S) Diary 2014

RAUC(S) Diary Version No.5 - Posted 8th April, 2014
Dates revised for the City of Edinburgh Local Co-ord Meetings

RAUC(S) Diary Version No. 5 (08-04-2014)

RAUC(S) Diary 2013

RAUC(S) Diary Version No.2(10) - Posted 26th September 2013
Dates for the Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross Co-ordination Meeting (Highland)

RAUC(S) Diary Version No. 2(10)

RAUC(S) Diary 2012

RAUC(S) Diary Version No.7  - Posted 9th July 2012
Revision to Angus Co-ordination August Meeting Date

 RAUC(S) Diary Version 7.0

RAUC(S) Diary 2011

RAUC(S) Diary Version 7.0 - Posted 23rd September 2011
Revision to Aberdeen Local Co-ord September Meeting date

RAUC(S) Diary Ver. 7.0

RAUC(S) Diary 2010

RAUC(S) Diary Version 1.7 - Posted 12th August 2010

RAUC(S) Diary 2009

RAUC(S) Diary Version 11(1)
Diary Version 11(1)  Posted 23rd September 2009

RAUC(S) Diary Ver 11(1)